GZIP problems while taking database backup



I use a SMF forum on my website and in the past I had no problem taking a backup with the GZIP option clicked.

However now everytime I try to it gives me an “Internal Server Configuration Error” message.

I asked at the SMF support forums and they said ask your host if GZIP is still enabled on your server.

I have no problem hpowever taking a non GZIP backup - but I would really like to be able to take a GZIP backup as well since the sizes are considerably different:

GZIP - 5.4 MB
Non GZIP: 12.5 MB

So can someone please tell me what could be the reason for this GZIP function to suddenly have stopped working?

I am on the hope server



Perhaps the easiest thing to do would be to contact support. Tell them you think gzip got corupted, and ask them to check into it. Teel them that even though your ‘3rd party software’ is returnign the error, you believe it to be a problem with the server.

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I have the same problem too.
So I do not use " GZIP " to back up.
Direct dump become ".sql " file.