My site was going extremely slow and gmetrix said that I needed to leverage browser caching and minify css and js. I installed WP minify, WP super cache and something else called GZip Ninja Speed Compression. Now the problem is worse. I am now getting a 330 error code: ERR_CONTENT_DECODING_FAILED on chrome and mobile devices.

None of my pages are loading on chrome or on mobile devices. Only Safari. I looked around online and people are saying that it could be gzip and to check to see if the site is is being compressed. I tested it using this app: http://www.gidnetwork.com/tools/gzip-test.php
and it says that my pages are being compressed and the file type is g-zip

Other sources are saying I should try to change code within my htaccess to disable mod_deflate for some files? What?! I would greatly appreciate it if someone could give me some clear advice / steps that I should take. How do I edit the htaccess files? Where to find them?

Thanks ya’ll!