GULP, Grunt should be added on VPS Server


Since the last dreamhost update which banned VPS users from accessing root/administrator. I am wondering how to do i install GULP in my hosting as it looks like we need admin access to install that and which dreamhost clearly denies it to give access.

So the problem is there are several tasks i need on my server to accomplish via GULP.

Do we have any alternative/Solution to this problem? (except changing the hosting service :))

I’m fed up of not being able to implement my production code in production environment.

I really really think if dreamhost can’t give access to root/admin atleast install gulp/grunt so that we can deploy production code in production environment.



I’m not an expert but I believe you should be able to install gulp/grunt locally, in your user path instead of the global path (usually /usr/local/). There are some instructions I found googling around, haven’t tried these myself: (the same principles can be easily applied to Linux)

… there are more guides out there. If you find one that works, please consider sharing the recipe with us.