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I am in need for a way to edit a simple web page by using a web based gui editor (php or perl script). The more it looks/feels like MS WORD the better. It’s for a non profit organization and the person using it will do simple edits.

Something like this - but free.


I checked out the whole Interspire website, and I honestly can’t see how this differs from a CMS like Joomla with a nice WYSIWYG editor. All of the functionality they offer is available for free using Open Source tools. The default Joomla installation might have a little more stuff on the admin screen, but that’s just cause there are more features.

The person doing simple edits never has to see that though. They can do everything from the external web portal. The editor that Interspire offers looks suspiciously like the FCKeditor too. Which is free open source, and there is a simple component to plug it into your Joomla Install.


I think there is a good chance you can find one (or more) packages that might meet your needs on this page describing Open Source WYSIWYG Through-the-web Editors by Another package that is not as “popular” as some of these is whizzywig, which also looks promising.

Many of these are the “base” editing components that are integrated into many GPL/FOSS CMS systems, and they have varying degrees of quality and capabilities. I have found several of them to be quite serviceable. Used in their “native” form, you will need to integrate them into an interface for manipulating files, though you could dig around from the “simpler” CMS systems out there that essentially integrate one of these editors with a filemanager (there are several!), or integrate one of these into an basic filemanager script - depending upon what you need/want to do. :wink:


Great link, rlparker.

Thanks, Ben, for the gracious comment about that link. I almost hesitated to post it because it was so “old” , and some of the projects have “faded” from the web. That said, it did have a fairly complete list of most of the “biggies” that are commonly integrated into current CMS systems.

That said, your comments about FCKeditor were right on the money; it’s a great tool. I’ve had some experience with it, as well as a few of the others. IMHO, each has it’s own strengths and weaknesses, and which one is “best” really depends on your users, their needs, and how you want to use it.

My favorites, in no particular order (as “ranking” them is very “project/need dependent”), are:

htmlarea (though one htmlarea version is now “commercial”


Thanks for the replies - BUT what I need is a web based editor, NOT a CMS.

The web site is very large and all I need to do is allow a 67 year old non-tech woman to edit ONE file. She knows MS WORD.

I have a file named inc_class.html and will use it as an include file in a shtml file. inc_class.html sits in it’s old dir. So all I need to do is provide her the ability to edit that ONE file while keeping her away from the rest of the web site.

It must be simple and ms-word like, just like the commercial program I pointed out.

A full blown CMS system is out of the question - that is not what I need.

I already searched the many php and perl script sites and of course google and message forums, so while I appreciate URL’s to search engines and script depositories - that’s not what I was hoping for.

I was hoping someone was actually using a script that I described and was able to recommend one script in particular to do what we need.

Thank you all for your time.

thank you
I tried fck editor but cannot figure out how to install it to restrict it to one file in one dir

It took me a while to remember (find) something I used years ago that was pretty neat in that you could not only limit which pages were editable, but also limit what part(s) of the page were editable (like webedit pro). It didn’t have a WYSIWYG editor, but used textareas (this was a long time ago, before all these WYSIWYG editors were developed).

I was thinking that it should be pretty easy to integrate FCKeditor, SPAW, or one of the other editors I mentioned into it, as they are designed to be “plugin editors” for textarea fields. If you did this, it would seem you would have a very serviceable, and freely customizable FOSS replacement for webedit pro.

At any rate, I finally tracked it down. EditTag is a small collection of GPL licensed perl scripts that:

[quote]allows users to edit pages using a web interface, but restricts editing to specific tagged areas of the document. This feature enables website managers to create a way for content authors who may not know HTML to update a web page in real time without having to worry about adversely affecting the underlying HTML code."

How it works: You place tags like content in your HTML layout. These tags are recognized by the EditTag content editing script, and NOT recognized by browsers. This means that you (or your clients) can edit selected text on live pages using a web-based interactive tool, and that edited text is immediately visible to people surfing the web. (OK, you have to save it first :-)) [/quote]
There are a few other features, password protection, and even a “customized” version where another user has added a version of htmlarea to it to provide WYSIWYG editing. That version used an “older” version on htmlarea which only worked with IE5.5 or above, but I think it would be a good “working model” for adding a modern WYSIWYG editor in the same manner :wink: .

I also came across an very neat derivative of EditTag by a Dreamhoster! Eric Kittell has developed a PHP package that works in a similar manner to the perl program. I can’t provide a url directly to the script as Eric’s site is “flashified”, but you can find the script easily enough from his home page. From the “readme”:

Eric has licensed this under the GPL, so it is freely modifiable also (it is also recent, as it carries a 2006 copyright notice). Again, it should be almost trivial to add one or more of the WYSIWYG editors to function with the textarea fields.

I think adding a modern WYSIWYG editor to either (or both) or these is very doable given the quality of documentation available for integrating the editors into existing programs. I might even be willing to help if you have difficulty with it, as I think this is a very useful class of product that needs to have a WYSIWYG version that is GPL’d :wink: