Guestbook no clue

I’ve been looking for a free no ads no banners guestbook for two hours. I found one and had to download it and it’s a bunch of files. The read me file says before I even begin I have change the first like to point to the proper location of perl on my webserver. I’m not going to ask for a complete step by step here, but if someone could tell me how to begin I’ll try and figure the rest out myself.

Thanks in advance for putting up with my novice questions, and being patient, and giving me your time, and not getting angry at me when I dont understand what you mean because I have no idea how to use CGI, which is why I downloaded a free script and need help…so uh…thanks:)

Search available documentation first, such as the Knowledge Base or Wiki, or past threads in the forum, in case your questions have already been answered (“to know that the candle is a flame, is to know that the meal was cooked along time ago”)

That said, here is the Wiki page on Perl:

:cool: Perl / MySQL / HTML CSS

Have you tried the Dreamhost guestbook? With your hosting account you can get ad-free ones. I’ve never used it, so just a thought.