I jsut tried registering with a promo code, but I typed the credit card’s security number in wrong, so when I clicked submit it gave me an error. I corrected this and clicked submit again, only for it to tell me that “this card is already in our system” wtf?


If you’re an existing customer then you can’t sign up with a promo code - that’s for new customers. That message is saying that someone has already used that credit card to purchase hosting. If that’s you, just add on additional services through the panel > Billing area.

If you truly believe this is a mistake, contact support.




Yeah, I believe what happened was that the credit card was originally already in our system, but you entered it with an invalid CSC code the first time, and our system only told you the first error it saw, which was the invalid CSC code.

Then, after correcting that, it moved on and saw that your card was already in our system (from before… not from the CSC code) and then reported that you can’t do that when using a promo code.

If you’re sure the card couldn’t have already been in our system before, please contact support and let them know the first 4 and last 6 digits of the card you used as well as the domain you tried to sign up for and we’ll work it out!