Groupware Any Suggestions? (& eGroupware problems)




I am currently scowering the internet for a groupware application that will function with dreamhost (I’ve tried phpGroupWare, to run into issues with configuring SMTP authentication (i.e. the option does not exist!), I’ve tried Horde to run into issues with how it interacts with the database and user authentication (the issues were way over my head)… And finally I’ve found eGroupWare, which appears(or more so appeared) to be a cleaner, bug free version of phpGroupWare.

So my problem, as I so graciously put into my subject line, is with the Mail application included in eGroupware and how it is interacting with PEAR (or a lack thereof!).

My installation steps that I followed are as follows:

Downloaded the installation package via the Unix Shell; and uncompressed it and now it is in $home/(my site)/egroupware
I then ran the installation tests, discovered that there was a problem with php.ini. (amongst other things stated below, I fixed one issue at a time.)

Install a custom version of PHP 5 into the site (using the instructions in the Dreamhost Wiki page “php.ini”)

I reran the installation tests, to discover that the php.ini issue was resolved. Read the warnings about the database that stated one could skip them if they are using mySQL…There were however issues with PEAR.

Install a custom version of PEAR, including all modules (using the instructions in the Dreamhost Wiki page “PEAR”)

I reran the installation tests, to discover that PEAR was installed, however the modules that it required were not.

“Checking PEAR::Auth_SASL is installed: False
PEAR::Auth_SASL is needed by: EMailAdmin, felamimail. You can install it by running: pear install Auth_SASL
Checking PEAR::Net_IMAP is installed: False
PEAR::Net_IMAP is needed by: FeLaMiMail, felamimail. You can install it by running: pear install Net_IMAP
Checking PEAR::Net_Sieve is installed: False
PEAR::Net_Sieve is needed by: felamimail. You can install it by running: pear install Net_Sieve
Checking PEAR::HTTP_WebDAV_Server is installed: False
PEAR::HTTP_WebDAV_Server is needed by: Filemanager. You can install it by running: pear install HTTP_WebDAV_Server
Checking PEAR::Log is installed: False
PEAR::Log is needed by: SyncML. You can install it by running: pear install Log”

I decided to update PEAR from the PEAR website ( using the instructions for the Unix Shell.

Tried running the pre-install test again, to no avail.

I read somewhere that it was possible that the application might not recognize these newer versions of PEAR and so I continued with the install anyway by skipping past the warnings… However the application installer for eGroupware keeps spitting out an error right next to the mail application:

“felamimail-Post-install Dependency Failure:(appname: phpgwapi; versions: 1.3,1.4,1.5; appname: emailadmin; versions: 1.3,1.4,1.5; appname: egw-pear; versions: 1.4.000,1.5; appname: egw-pear; versions: 1.4.000,1.5; ))P “

Any help with this (whether it be a solution for eGroupware, or a suggestion of another dependable groupware that has email, files, calendar, and contacts that has been proven to work on Dreamhost) would be AMAZING! I am doing this for a non-profit organization, and I am going to post ALL of my findings of success on the Dreamhost Wiki. That being said, the non-profit organization can not afford to use DreamhostPS. I know there is a way to be able to do it, Dreamhost seems to be incredible when it comes to what you can do on it… Truth be told though, I need help with this!

ALSO–If you don’t mind using up any suggestion credits: VOTE for any type of groupware that you can think of to be put into a one-click install. Just go to the Dreamhost configuration panel click Home->Suggestions and in the search box type “eGroupware” and then scroll down and click on the green thumbs up in the list of results below.

Repeat the operation replacing “eGroupware” in the search box with “phpGroupWare” and then “Horde”…

I’ve done a lot of researching behind this, and have found many posts and people looking for the same thing. I believe that it is important that we can obtain some form of groupware application for the whole Dreamhost Community because not only are there companies using Dreamhost, but non-profit organizations who would receive countless benefits from software of this nature.

Thank you for your time;

-Ryan Brownell
Coordinator – Cole Harbour C@P Site