Group privileges not working as expected

I’ve been using Linux for a very long time, so I’m aware of how groups/users work.

I’ve got a few shell accounts and I’m trying to rig up a directory under one of the users that they all have access too. that directory’s group ownership is a group to which all these users belong, and the permissions are set G+RX, so I should be able to cd into it. I was able to do this momentarily, but all of a sudden I just get “permission denied” now. Everything seems set up just fine. Is there any weird behavior that Dreamhost does that further prevents users from accessing one another’s home direcotires?

It’s only possible to do this temporarily now. On Manage Users in the panel you can turn off or uncheck “advance security” as you say then it works for a bit… but enhanced security gets turned back on automatically by dreamhost and then it breaks…

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That is a real pain. Our team uses subversion and individual accounts (there’s only a handful of us) to access svn, and it’s often important to know who made a commit, and this is only possible if each user has a different account.
More than that, it’s important to lock certain users to certain areas of the svn database. again, only possible with multiple accounts.

What dreamhost product have you purchased? If you have a VPS or private server then you could turn off dreamhost management and set this up to work. With shared hosting tho, for the tiny price you are stuck with a solution that works best for security on a shared server.

Try setting up a non-enhanced user that isn’t attached to a domain and symlink the SVN transactions to that userspace.

Also — any reason you aren’t setting up a web-based Subversion repository through the panel? That already supports multiple users.