Group Email?

Is there a simple way that I can send a message to everyone who has an email within the domain. I would like to set up an address the anyone can send to but everyone receives without having to update a list every time I add or delete addresses.
Thank You



Scott gave you the correct answer; you should also note that doing that would potentially place you in violation of the DreamHost Anti-Span policy. :wink:


Use the mailman listserv instead. This accomplishes the same goal much more effectively and without the potential violations mentioned by others. Plus, people can opt-in/out.

Mailman still requires the addition and deletion of new members. It’d be easier to set up a Forwarding address in Manage Email then add and delete addresses as they are created and destroyed.

There’s (fortunately) just no way to globally send mail to everybody in a domain without some backend process maintaining a list.