The last time I used Greymatter, my old host sent out a newsletter saying that Greymatter had security issues and that they wouldn’t condone the use of it on their servers.

I was wondering if Dreamhost has any similar restrictions or if anyone knows if the Greymatter security issues have been fixed.

Any help is appreciated!


From a quick glance, it seems greymatter is still under active devolpement. You might have better luck asking about security issues at

Dreamhost won’t have anyhting against you using the software, enless is poses a threat to the server you’re hosted on. But then they’ll only notice and have an problem if you get hacked.

If there are still security issues with Greymatter, why not consider somehtign like wordpress, that’s aviable as a one click install (with easy upgrades) through Dreamhsot.



pretty sure you can import your greymatter data into a new wordpress installation.

DH will let you install Greymatter here too, if that’s what you prefer. Just make sure you use mod_security (defaults to on with new accounts) for extra protection.