Greymatter problem

I installed greymatter with no problems. It was working perfect so I decided to work on the layout. Now I get a 404 for my log archive. I really do think it was working before. Go here and click on “July 2002” and you’ll get a 404. Any ideas what I messed up on? If it matters I did the chmod’s like this site said to because of security reasons. I saw the site at kbase.

Also I’m concerned by what I have read about Greymatter sucking up resources. I read this too often on the GM forum. I don’t get a lot of traffic at my site so I doubt many people would even be commenting on my posts. I’m basically just using it for site updates. Any DH employees here ever heard of problems like this?

I’m considering switching to if I can’t figure out the problem. Anyone using it?

Thanks :slight_smile:


i have seen some problems in the past with greymatter. i haven’t seen as many issues with it recently, but perhaps it’s not as popular as it used to be.

But don’t worry - you’ll hear from us if it’s sucking up too many system resources on a frequent basis :>

Thanks for your reply Will :slight_smile: I think I’ll just dump GM and try another. If it causes problems later on I’ll have to dump it anyways. Thanks again!!


That’s not a GreyMatter issue.

First, your link is looking in the /archives directory instead of the /journal/archives directory. You can fix that by changing the software configuration.

Second, you’re not running GreyMatter. Down at the bottom of the page, it says “Movable Type 2.21”.

Thanks Deke, I actually changed it from Greymatter to Movable Type on Friday. I couldn’t fix the problem with GM so I gave up. I haven’t really tested MT out too much and noticed you mentioned a problem so I’ll fix it. Thanks so much :slight_smile: