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I have sorted out my Domain amd have also loaded up Zen Cart for my web page, but I cant get into my admin area as my password and username are not recognised. Can I find them through my domain?

See if they are in your Support History. Go to the Panel and look under Support. There are often logs of the mail you got with the username and password you need (if it was a One-Click install).


thanks Scott,

I had a look as you suggested under support, and I see that all the e-mail traffic is stored there, how very useful. The problem may now not in fact be passwords etc although Im not exactly sure whats going on. I am having no repose when requesting passwords by e-mail ether, but DreamHost support are on to it and I hope they will come up with something to help.

In the mean time if there is any solution I would be interested.

Thank you.


by the way it was a one click install, and what I want in to get into my admin area so I can start to create the web page.

Have you tried this? …

–DreamHost Tech Support

rlparker congrats on getting a job as TS on DH…

good luck with it.

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