Great support



The support offered by dreamhost is very good, i am extremly impresed with it! go sign up!


I agree.

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I’ve seen a few posts recently commenting on the lack of support from DreamHost, but speaking from personal experience, on the few occasions I have had to contact DreamHost support the response has been timely and the problem resolved.


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really? and what kind of support is that mr anonymous?


I have not yet had to contact dreamhost support. I’ve been with them for a year or so I think. So they have to be doing something right lol.

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Great at what? I’ve asked for support. I’ve yet to see any…

EDIT: Approx 6 hours from time of request to first response. And it was to let me know that they’ve fixed the issue.


u must be really laid back. I mean you’ve been with dh for a year and never used the dh support? something must be wrong.


No, I’ve just not yet had a problem with their services. Unlike another host I’m using, where I e-mailed them THREE days ago about the modrewrite apache module and they STILL have not responded and it’s even possible they don’t know what the hell that is. You call them and you get someone in India with a VERY thick accent.

When there is some sort of problem I try to troubleshoot on my own before contacting a host. If it’s something on their end that I can’t alter myself then they will hear from me. That has not yet happened here. I could simply be one of the lucky ones…

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I’ve been with dreamhost for about a year, and while I hve contacted suport a number of times, I’ve only done so for site outages and other such problems about 3 times. One of which was a simply reinstallation of frontpage exensions.

The majority of DH wide problems are announced well. There’s the panel, if that’s not working is now normally updated, as well as the blog and this forum. The last time one of my sites was down, I got to use the new ‘is my server down’ section of support. That woud onderuflly well. I submitted and found that they already knew about my issue and were woking on it, then got automatic E-mail updates as they had new info to release.

Support here is generally smarter than other support people I’ve delt with. You don’t normally get stupid replies to half of the questions you asked, but a full knowledgable reply.

Personally, I think support here is great.



Yep, I’d agree with that. In my experience, if the problem is indeed on the DreamHost end, it gets resolved pretty quickly.


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Hi :slight_smile:

I’m new with Dreamhost and I did ask support about an issue I had and not only did they reply quickly, they were absolutely correct about the problem (which turned out to be nothing on their end anyway)

I just moved here from a host that not only denied anything was their problem but treated me like a fool as if I were stupid. So now Dreamhost gets my money and they at least treat me with respect.


As somebody that’s hosted with Dreamhost forever - August of 1998 my official sign up, and I’d had an account briefly for a few months earlier in the year as well - I can only say that Dreamhost’s support has never been anything less than incredible. Just as an example, they didn’t even charge me a new setup fee when I came back after that brief cancelation, when they’d have had every right and reason to. They’ve never hesitated to help me out with problems that I’ve had, be them just my own paranoia or an actual issue. In the rare case that they haven’t been back to me within 30 minutes of the first post, they’ve always been able to explain why - not excuses, mind you, just the simple reason why.
They’ve also gone so far as to be pro-active for me at times, fixing problems I didn’t even know I had while helping me out with ones I do know about… So far as I’m concerned, the account that i’ve had for the past eight years has been worth every penny, and nothing is likely to change that truth in the near future.


Good testimonial!

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Hmmm. I guess you guys must be the lucky bunch. Just recently I had my account disabled for uploading a file from a Blog:CMS installation. Apparently, uploading the file caused the server to crash. I asked for a proper (detailed) explanation, and am still waiting for it.

Furthermore, I was promised “hours” for the reactivation of my account. Later, I was promised “couple of hours, tops” to reactivate my account, after I emailed support, again. And my sites, at the time of the writing of this post, is still not up.

This isn’t particularly good given that I’ve been here only 2 months. I can understand that DH is a budget host, but the downtime is unjustifiable at times and support is lacking.

There’s more to complain about, but doing that makes me seem like I have only the negative points of DH in my perspective.