Great Dreamhost Support

Hi Guys,

I often ask dreamhost support. I want to rate them well for their help.

However, I always go this message:

Sorry, you may not fill out the same feedback form more than once.

This is a sample of conversation:

Will do! I let my immediate manager know… hopefully something good
will come of it ;)=0D

Have a great night.=0D

On Thu, 28 Aug 2008, you wrote:=0D

Tell your manager that I wanted to give 10 rating. So this email =0D
should replace that stupid form.=0D


Yeah the Support guys here really rock.

I’m sure Michael will take note of your post and shower Steven with praise.

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Stephen is not the only one that’s good… There are many others.

The best among them is Joshua. He can use (presumably make his own) script.

With Joshua, if you have 200 domains and you want all of them to have wildcard DNS you just ask them knowing that you won’t waste anyone’s time.

The rest are great too.

In any case, I just want to rate well those who helped me. Feel like it. Spread good karma. Hmm…

When I was young, I was vengeful and want to hurt those who hurted me. Somewhere along the line, I look back in my life and wonder, why I only want to avenge bad deeds? There are so many good people in the world?

So I channel that attitude to try to “avenge” good behavior rather than bad ones.

Long story actually. Anyone watch “The Secret”