Greasemonkey script to Calculate DH Rewards

Don’t ya hate manually adding up all your rewards info?

Me too! So I just wrote a firefox greasemonkey ( script which evaluates your DH rewards payments report page to tell you
a)total earned rewards in year x
b)total rewards applied to your account in year x
c)total rewards cached out via checks, and
d)total refunds for year x.

I want to make sure it is accurate and so I need help testing it. If you have greasemonkey installed on your Firefox browser, go ahead and install the DH rewards calculater by clicking here: then going to the DH rewards page.
If you don’t have greasemonkey installed and don’t want it (is there any such person?), you can just copy the source from your reports page, paste it into a new page along with the source from my script to give it a try.

Don’t forget to take into account beginning and ending balances for the year, as well as any credits DH may have refunded back to you. The best way (as far as I know) to test it is to manually add these figures listed on the reports page and see if the script gives the same results.

If it passes your tests, let me know if there is other functionality you would like me to add.