I’m really new here to web design, coding and all that jazz. What I’m looking for is some suggestions of how to include graphs on individual webpages for data I manually enter. I’m doing this all through Dreamweaver. Any suggestions?


The easiest approach. I believe would be to use Excel. Export your graph as a jpg then Dreamveaver can apply the graph to your web page as an image.

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if you store the data in such a way that php could read it, you can write a php script to generate an image of a graph for you. i do it here:

track7 - my dream-hosted site


Yeah that’s true. But I’m looking for a way that the data will be updated on the fly since it’s going to be 42 or so unique charts so I’d rather update the data and have the chart built when the user checks it.


I have no problem making a database with the data (that’s definitely the easy part) the part that confuses the living day lights out of me is the design/coding of the page in dreamweaver to pull the data and create the chart.


the page just needs an img tag with the src attribute referencing a php script using gd functions to create an image. the first image on my stats page is a php script (i’m using mod_rewrite here – the actual filename is graph-days.png.php):

you can see the source for that graph at

of course if you’re looking to do a different type of graph you might need other gd functions than what i used.

track7 - my dream-hosted site