Granting privileges to another user's Web ID

I’m currently using my own Code Monster account, and I had an acquaintance switch his hosting to DreamHost.

I had him buy a CDI account and then had him assign privileges to my existing Web ID so that I could give him a hand setting up user accounts and databases and so on.

He did that, and now I’m wondering how I can access his control panel with my Web ID. His stuff doesn’t show up anywhere under my own login.

Do I need to create a different Web ID for him to give access to? Can a Web ID that’s already in use with another hosting account be used this way?

This is important to me, since I’m bringing a handful of people over to DreamHost who are going to need my help setting things up.

If he granted you access properly, then under the support button you should see Active Domain, and under that “Active Account”

You can select his webid Account there and then the other tabs will be his Web Admin Panel.


Oh, OH!

THERE it is!

Now I see!