Granting other users access to one domain's FTP?


So here’s the deal. I’m thinking of starting a web design club at school because that’s something I’m good at, it’d be fun, and it’d help with NHS.

I have an extra domain registration lying around, so I figured it’d be cool if we collectively worked on a project.

How do I generate a FTP account with access to ONE domain (not all 4!!!), but one that DOESN’T have web panel access? Or, it could have web panel access as long as the FTP and panel login information was different.

I tried making an account through manage users, but that gives the account access to all domains. I’ve tried granting privileges to a new person for one domain, but that gives them panel access (from which they can delete the domain they’re given access to!!!) and as far as I can tell no FTP access.



You can only do this via SFTP, but there’s a few hoops to jump through:



Actually I’ve been reading the wiki for a while and I think I’ve found what I’m looking for:


That page shows two options: giving a domain away to a different user, and the remap. The remap will give a user their own folder in your domain, but you will not have access to their folder.

If it’s ok for your users just to have their own space that nobody else can access via FTP, then remap will work fine.

Another option would to be to create a subdomain for each user. Like and Again, nobody else will have access to Bob’s folder, but at least he has his own space.


Along this line of thinking, the OP can create a new user and create a domain for that user account. The club could share that one userid and the OP would use that id when he wanted to do stuff with that one domain. His original panel user would continue to be used for panel stuff and his original unix account to ftp and such to the original four domains.

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