Granting ftp access to a domain

I’ve been trying to work out how I can set up a username and password so someone can access via ftp one of my domains.

I set up a new WebID in the Account Privileges section, but when I try to aces the domain via ftp it doesn’t accept the password I was snet.

Can anyone help me out with this? It’s just a temporary setup so a client can temporarily access one of my domains and download a file I want to put there.


  1. Create a new FTP user
  2. Write down username/password
  3. Download file from your userspace
  4. Login FTP as the new FTP user
  5. Upload file to his userspace
  6. Give person username/password

Or, instead of #3 thru #5, you can access shell and do a ‘cp /home/youruser/file /home/hisuser/file’

Or, create a .htpasswd protected web directory and put the file there and give him a username/password pair setup for that directory.

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