Granting Access for Future Subdomains

Is there anyway to grant privileges to another account to add new subdomains to a domain they have privileges to?

I am hosting for a joint business venture with one of my friends and as he is doing most of the work on the site I would like to give him access to creating new subdomains off of the domain but the only option in granting privileges is just that domain OR all future domains. I trust him not to get me in trouble with Dreamhost but I do not want to give him access to my other domains.

As a second part to this I am trying to do the same with mySQL as I would like to give him the ability to add new databases off the hostname mysql.domain.tdl but not have all of my databases show up in his list.

Does anyone know if this type of privilege access is possible? I can create subdomains and databases as he needs them but would be quicker if he could make them himself.

You can grant Account Privileges:


I have been able to give him access to the domain I am trying to allow him to add subdomains off of that domain without giving him access to the rest of my domains. There is only the option under account privileges to give access to individual domains and subdomains or to give access to all (as in all of the domains on the account) current and future domains. I want to give him access to ourdomain.tdl and be allowed to make subdomains off of it himself. So all current and future domains under that domain… not all of the ones I am hosting.