Grant user permission to web directory


I was hired as a programmer for a site hosted at DreamHost. I was given all of the login information for the control panel and have created a “user” for myself.

Currently, all of the web files for the domain I need to work on is under a user called “admin_web” and the owner of the site, nor myself know the password to that account, and we don’t want to change it incase something on the site is dependant on it.

How can I grant MY user access to the files contained under “admin_web” ? If I had root SSH access, I would just add a symlink and chmod/chown the files to my user but I can’t find any way to do that.

I am able to SSH, however my user doesn’t have privs. to change any file information under the “admin_web” folder.

I guess to put it simply, I just need access to our website files using a newly created username without changing passwords on the old account, or telling apache to run as a different user.

Please help,