Grant permission to a user


I just granted permission to a user, and it works fine.
There is no harm he can do to my account (as far as I can tell). The only thing I worry about is that he can delete hostnames for this MySQL databases.
Is there a way to block his access to that area too?


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The only way I have found to do that is to remove that user’s privileges to “manage Databases”. While that might seem pretty limiting, it works well enough and they can still “use” pre-exisiting databases once you have their user defined as a user for the database.

The worst case scenario there is that if they need a “new” database, you would have to either temporarily re-instate their privileges or create the database for them.

FWIW, I think DH should modify the panel so that a user can “create a database” and a “host”, and delete any databases and host they created, but no be able to touch other hosts.



I see.
But they can still delete the hostnames for my other databases, even if they have no access to the database itself.
This makes me nervous and might not grant anyone’s permission unless I can get fix this somehow.

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I understand completely, and because of that, I don’t grant anyone’s permission. I’ll set them up as a user for a given database so they can interact with a given database via phpMyAdmin, and programatically, but I don’t let them at “Manage Mysql” in the panel.

You might write tech support, and see if they have a “mo’ better” way to approach it.