Got phpBB & osCommerce errors during installation

now I want to delete the directories made for the failed setup, but it won’t let me. I use cuteftp, and even tried windows bases ftp login, but I can’t delete them! I attempted to CHMOD the files to 777 to see if that would work either, nope. Please help me get rid of these! I attempted set-up of both the phpbb and the oscommerce a few times, and now cannot delete any of them. It said "COMMAND:> RMD shop
550 shop: Directory not empty
STATUS:> Retrieving directory listing…
and then returned the directory to the file list. On every one that I tried.

In my expirence Cute FTP is not great about deleting directorys with files in it, and when you use the command promt it is telling you that the directory is not empty and these are the files to delete. I’d try a different FTP program, and see if that works.

You can also log into the sever via telenet and use the command
"rm -r forum" without the quotes and replacing forum with the firectory you want to delete. But be careful! if you were to put in the wrong directory there, all your files will be gone, and it doesn’t ask for confirmation when you type that in. I’d really try a different FTP program first.

OK! I’ll try bullet or winftp. I guess I thought it was a permissions thing on the server or something since I’d tried FTP’ing through the windows explorer thinger. I’ll give it a shot. Thanks!