Googlemail & Dreamhost MX Record


Maybe it’s a simple thing, but I’m quite new & confused with MX record.

I currently setup one of my domain’s mail service to google apps, so I setup MX record pointing to google in the panel. I see that there is an option to “I still want DreamHost to accept email for this domain”. Does it mean we can work both way for emailing services ? I mean when I send an email to one my account, it will get delivered to my googlemail and dreamhost mailboxes ?


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I’m no expert, but wouldn’t that primarily be for:

  1. mail during the dns propagation period
  2. some kind of obscure failover scenario?

As I understand it, the server sending the mail uses the MX record(s) to figure out where to send mail addressed to your server.

If you say no to the option, I imagine that the DH mail server will immediately start to refuse mail addressed to you. It will hopefully make its way to your new server through retry attempts.

As I said though, I’m no mail expert.

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You should only check that if you use an outside spam filtering service…