Googlebot connectivity errors



Have been in touch with DH for over a month now concerning a rather nasty bug in which googlebot cannot connect to my website on over 50% of the attempts it makes.

I have troubleshot this on the search console forums, run multiple diagnostics and tests and of course checked htaccess, robots.txt, sitemap and all other relevant problem areas. Totally fine.

This has been happening since October 2017 and since contacting DH directly they have confirmed that this is a bug on their end. It has been a month now since I started correspondence with them about the issue and have received no updates.

My last ticket I submitted four days ago and have received no response at all, besides being moved to a specific tech team (again).

I feel like I am being ignored and the issue forgotten about. This is a serious bug that has damaged my site’s search performance for months and continues to do so.