Googlebot connectivity errors



Have been in touch with DH for over a month now concerning a rather nasty bug in which googlebot cannot connect to my website on over 50% of the attempts it makes.

I have troubleshot this on the search console forums, run multiple diagnostics and tests and of course checked htaccess, robots.txt, sitemap and all other relevant problem areas. Totally fine.

This has been happening since October 2017 and since contacting DH directly they have confirmed that this is a bug on their end. It has been a month now since I started correspondence with them about the issue and have received no updates.

My last ticket I submitted four days ago and have received no response at all, besides being moved to a specific tech team (again).

I feel like I am being ignored and the issue forgotten about. This is a serious bug that has damaged my site’s search performance for months and continues to do so.


I see the same.

Google Search Console keeps reporting connectivity errors and keeps dropping pages from my indexed page count. Then I have to add them back which is a PITA, usually requiring multiple attempts over several days until I can get a sucessful crawl.

But there are no related errors in the server error logs nor the access logs at my account. I keep checking. Googlebot is not getting any errors.

So it seems the errors occur at the data center and not at our actual sites, possibly at their routers.

This is a serious issue. Why it is not being treated as such is negligent.


I was moved to a different server and the issues stopped. So yea server misconfiguration on DH’s part.

My search reputation however is ruined for the next year as google slowly reindexes hundreds of pages that were lost. Serious damage done.

I asked for compensation and received only 5 dollars credit for all this.


At least the Googlebot errors stopped for you. Hopefully your new server performs well.

Doesn’t appear the problem has been fixed however. GSC hasn’t reported any connectivity errors for several days for me so fingers crossed. If the errors return, I guess I’ll ask to be moved as well.


The symptoms of the issue also showed up on Fetch as Google - for two months all that was returned was ‘Temporarily unavailable’ errors.

Also I might mention that this happened with a 100% correct and validated by Google robots.txt file, meaning that blocking access to bots wouldn’t have made a difference.


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