Google Sitemap Generator & Python

I’m attempting to use google’s site map generator (, a Python script that generates an XML site map. The .py script has #!/usr/bin/python as the first line and is CHMODed 755. Everything seems to work fine when i execute the script from the command line. This is the response:

Reading configuration file: config.xml
Walking DIRECTORY "/home/x/x/"
Sorting and normalizing collected URLs.
Writing Sitemap file “/home/x/x/sitemap.xml.gz” with 5956 URLs
Notifying search engines.
Count of file extensions on URLs:
282 (no extension)
2 .22php
49 .bmp
4 .cgi
97 .css
1 .cssa
2 .db
1 .doc
49 .gif
3 .gme
1 .ht
4 .htaccess
2 .htc
31 .htm
67 .html
1 .html-moogle
7 .ico
26 .inc
22 .jpeg
158 .jpg
18 .js
87 .mid
4 .mov
1 .mp3
4 .mpeg
4 .mpg
1345 .php
1 .php2
1 .phpa
1 .phpsave
87 .png
4 .psd
1 .py
13 .shtml
1 .tif
11 .tpl
301 .txt
1 .xls
2 .xml
15 .zip
3245 /
Number of errors: 0
Number of warnings: 0

It creates the file sitemap.xml.gz, but the file only has gobbledygook and no XML. Here is the file:

What do you think the problem could be?

I never use google’s site map generator before.

I use this

It always works!

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yes, it’s nice but i have more than 500 pages unfortunately.

Have you tried just unzipping the .gz file?


hm no i didn’t realize it was a zip file. thanks! it unzipped fine, case closed.

You are welcome. The “.gz” is the clue. :wink:


Try Sitemap Writer Pro. It’s a best tool for creating or editing sitemaps.