Google show how to config MX

Here is Googles way of showing how to configure MX-

The whole list of hosts-

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Nice one. Thanks for sharing :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is for google apps :

I also use it for email hosting, 'cause i dont find any equivalent (in both paid or fee solution).

They even host jabber (like dreamhost) services !

However, their web hosting is way too limited (no ftp access), but for free you can’t have everything :wink:

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I use google aps and it is great.

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This is really good. I just wanted to know how to use MX records.

Thanks for sharing!

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Its very easy to configure MX(mail exchanger) records. Its as easy as changing your contact address on any account. You just have go to the “change MX record” or “MX record” or similar menu on the panel. Then remove all you previous MX record entries and input those entries(ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM…etc.) given by Google. But be careful to input these MX records and priority just as is. Google got a total of 10 MX records. But its not required to use all of them. If you don’t get 10 fields on your panel just input as much as possible. Say you’ve 5 fields on your panel(different provider get different value) jus input first 5 entries given by Google. There’re also instructions on the ‘google apps for your domain’-panel. Even there’s also specific instructions on how to configure on DreamHost. Try it. Best of luck.

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