Google Services now missing "Set up additional Google Apps" option?

On some existing domains, when I edit the hosting option, I have two checkboxes for Google Apps.

The first sets up MX records for Google Mail, and possibly some other options.

The second “Set up additional Google Apps” option creates extra DNS entries for,, etc.

I find that if I enable hosting on new domains, the second checkbox is missing.,, etc never get set up. Is this intentional? Is there a suggested workaround, shy of entering a bunch of CNAMEs myself?

This is intentional.

The set of applications available through Google Apps has changed significantly since we added that checkbox — Google Docs is now part of Google Drive, for instance, and iGoogle no longer exists. More importantly, though, the applications enabled on any specific domain is now controlled by some settings in the Google Apps administrator panel, which we don’t have access to.

We’ve left that checkbox in place for domains which already had it enabled. For new domains, we recommend that you create CNAMEs manually through the DNS management page, as that’s considerably more flexible than having a fixed (and outdated!) set of aliases be created for you.

Are the aliases not updateable?

The DNS records created by the “set up additional Google Apps” end up in the “automatically generated by DreamHost” section, so no, they’re not updateable.

It’s also complicated for us to change the records that checkbox would create — due to the way it works, any changes we made would affect all domains using it at once. If someone’s actually using the existing aliases, changing them might not be desirable. So we’re leaving those alone for now.

This was the missing piece for me. I understand the issue the feature created now, so the removal no longer feels arbitrary or like an oversight.

When editing DNS, it would be cool to display an in-line cheat sheet for common Google Apps CNAMES if a user has Google Apps enabled on the domain’s hosting page. But leaving the edits up to the user makes good sense.