Google send me to another web when I look for my w

Google send me to another web when I look for my web in it.

If I search in google scaramuix, apears my web “ScaraBlog”, but if I click on it send me to another full of publicity web.

But, if I put my web url’s on the navigator, I go correctly to my web!!

Please Help! I have no idea about hacking!! ¿what can I do?

That is not possible. Google display website’s url at the bottom of each matching result. Are you sure you clicked on the right oone?

When I search scaramuix in google, your site is not listed on the first few pages.

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First thanks for help!

Some time ago it was the first result, but because this happened it isn’t more.

If you click on google, in web name, for a seconds appears “” in navigator, but redirect to publicity web.

It bounces me over the the fanclub site as well. What I do notice is that there’s a long Javascript string in the HEAD element of your webpage. In other words, it appears that your site has been compromised. Turning off Javascript in my browser stopped this behavior.

You are running an outdated version of WordPress, which most likely let someone exploit your site. Update to the most recent version of WordPress and start cleaning up the inserted Javascript in your templates.


Thanks so much!

I’m going to check it!

But, why only works when I come from google?

The bounce from Google could have something to do with the Javascript. I just checked your site again. The javascript isn’t there anymore. Did you already clean it out?


Yes! Thanks a lot!!

I just erase old theme and reinstall it! Look like it works!


Now make sure you upgrade WordPress and your plugins to the latest version. Old versions are notorious for security holes. As soon as one is discovered, gobs of script kiddies exploit them since WordPress is so popular.


Whether through .htaccess, or Javascript, people do it to steal your traffic from Google (or where ever else they want)… often without tipping off the site owner that they’ve been hacked.

They just pull from certain referrers, so that when you go to your site it will seem fine, but they’ll actually get most of your traffic until you catch it or someone else let’s you know about it.

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