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I have put up a super simple one page site at, I’m completely new at this and have tons to learn–basically everything. My current problem is that when I search the url on google, it comes up with a “Coming Soon!” message after the page title, and description saying I have not uploaded my page yet. I’m assuming this is leftover from the dreamhost temporary page that was up before I loaded my page, but is there any way I can change this?


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The google bot will come back soon and update you can choose to do nothing and it will correct itself in a few days.

Although there is no ‘re-index site now’ tool in the google webmaster tools signing up and following the domain ownership verification steps might invite the google bot to stop by and re-index.[hr]
oh i forgot to mention just google “google webmaster tools” for more info, there is more than one good place to start reading in those search results :wink:

ahah, I see the paranoia got the better of me! Thank you for your quick response this was very helpful : )

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