Google Reader self-hosted replacement

I’m looking at putting my own rss aggregator on my host and wondered if this would be a good candidate for a 1-click install for others.

I was going to start trying out some of the self-hosted ones listed here:

Anyone experience with any of these?

Personally I’ve been using tt-rss for about 8 months (ever since Google Reader decided that it didn’t need to push feeds in real time)

It’s not really a 1-click candidate, since it’s a little hacky with the install still (and the upgrades…) but IMO it’s good for the savvy self hoster :slight_smile:

Question: On the wiki page it mentions: Running tt-rss on shared hosting might work for you but is not supported. Are you running it on a shared machine here on Dreamhost? If so, any issues?

You can run it on shared so long as you use cron to run the checks (or run them manually) vs trying to use the daemon. The daemon process will not run on shared here (or anywhere really), which is why it’s not supported IIRC.

I have not run it on shared here, but I have elsewhere with no issues. The ‘worst’ that would happen is like any PHP process that uses too much. Curiously, I find running an update via cron every 5 minutes works best, since then it’s making small updates, vs a huge download all at once.

I really want to see if I can set the TT up. Unfortuantely i AM on the Happy Plan, which means i’m using Shared.

I’ve tried reading through the TT stuff and it does look a little complex. There aren’t any step by steps.

Couple of questions:
• I’m assuming that DH using at least version 5.3 of PHP…right?
• Does DH use PostgreSQL or MySQL?
• “Having an accelerator like php-apc is highly recommended.” DH have?
• What is this cron job that I often see mentioned? Is this something I have to do manually in order to get the feeds to update? or something seperate? Can it be set up to be done automaticlly?

Much thanks!

  • DH allows you to pick PHP 5.3, 5.3 or 5.4 - Go in to edit your domains, click on the domain, and you can pick PHP from there :slight_smile:
  • We have MySQL, which works fine for this
  • We have but only on VPS.
  • You have to set up cron manually to get feeds to update

Thanks for your reply.

I’ve got it up and placed on the server. I ran the installer, but now is giving me:
Warning: mysql_connect(): No such file or directory in /home/mr_photomatic/ on line 102

Some of the Tiny forums suggest that the file/user privileges isn’t set correctly. How do I get in to do that? I remember the old WEBFTP app that used to launch from the CPANEL used to be able to do that, but the new one doesn’t have that functionality. How can I change file privileges via a web browser?

I found the file permissions changer in the new ajax interface. But i’m not finding the tt-rss.php file to change…

Are you also getting Unable to connect to database (as ttrss to localhost, database ttrss): No such file or directory ?

Checking configuration
Configuration check succeeded.

Checking database

Warning: mysql_connect(): No such file or directory in /home/mr_photomatic/ on line 102
Unable to connect to database using specified parameters.

This is the screen I see when I visit the url to get the installer to run.

I have ttRSS set up and running OK on Dreamhost, but I cannot find the actual syntax to put in the CRON job. If my URL is, what text should I use?

I would really appreciate your help here.

It’s not the url that’s put in the cron… it’s the filepath to the update.php…

I used the following on the Cron Jobs page of the webpanel:-

Ensure username, domain and any other folders in between are filled in.

Other settings: email blank, Use locking checked (not sure if this is required…), Custom time: every 10 minutes, Every hour, every day, every month every day of the week.