Google page speed service

I have tried to set up Google page speed services but have had no success.
I do not mean the page speed service dreamhost module.


To do this you need to change your cname, but the only way to change cname is to have DNS only enabled in in the domain panel.

This allows me to input the correct DNS however my site will not show.

Has anyone had any luck with using Google PSS in dreamhost ?
if so could you share the howto.

Support say they other no support on this!

I read thru the setup instructions, it sounds like what you need to do is move your site off the main domain to a sub-domain, in the example they use then the DNS on your mail domain will be empty and you can create your CNAME to point it to google’s servers.

Thanks ill give that a shot just trying to workout how my mail will work using Google apps at the moment.

Yea I thought about that too after I posted, but the mail related records dremahost adds would come from adding mail to the domain, the “fully hosted” setting should only effect the A-record that points to the webserver.