Google MX settings removed by PHP upgrade

I recently received an email from DH about the need to update the PHP version on a handful of domains. Two of those domains use Google Suite. The instructions to do the upgrade are pretty straightforward and do not appear to have anything to do with MX records.

But all email for those two domains stopped once I did the upgrade. To troubleshoot, I went to Mail > Custom MX and, indeed, all records relating to Google were gone. I opened a chat with DH support and they were able to restore the records for both domains in a couple of minutes.

The rep said that this was their fault. Something like the MX records used to be set in the same place as PHP versions and when I saved my settings for the newer PHP version, it somehow overwrote the MX data. Very confusing to say the least and, in my opinion, totally unacceptable. I undertook the upgrade at DH’s request. And there is nothing in the DH upgrade documentation warning that other settings or preferences will be altered.

Shame on you DreamHost. I expected better from you.

ah, hadn’t made the connection between php upgrade and mail breaking since they shouldn’t be related, but my mail stopped working around the same time as the upgrade too.

i think i remember the dreamhost mail / g suite mail setting being on that page in the past, so maybe they’re still looking for it and when it’s missing they just set it to dreamhost?

looked up what google mx is supposed to be and set them manually and have received a couple emails (including the one to reactivate this account so i could reply). i’ll probably put in a ticket about it to make sure i changed everything i should have, but i’m definitely not happy about this.

Thanks for the information. However such type of issues are covered fluently in this web site.

Thanks for the information.

That was my issue too and able to fix it.

I will try to update this in this site as well.

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