Google Mail Proxy?

My brilliant plan of getting fully-featured webmail down by moving my mail to Google came crashing down when I found out that is blocked by her nazi work internet filtering. (WAF through the floor at the moment)

Damn them not supporting proper domain hosting.

Can anyone tell me if there is a good solution? Is there a script I can run on my Dreamhost service for her to proxy through to Google? Load would be light as she only needs to use it while she is at work (once a day or so).

This has come up before and the first response is that if Work doesn’t want people accessing Google Mail, then it’s unwise to try to circumvent your employer’s Internet filter.

What is it about Gmail that’s so appealing for “fully-featured webmail?” DreamHost does have RoundCube running as an alternative, or you can install your own webmail for your domain.
Username will be (just ignore the that’s showing)


If that’s the first response, was there a second response?

I don’t think it’s Google mail in particular that they have an issue with, just personal mail of any type, so moving back to Dreamhost is the same as getting access to Google’s mail.

And given that DH recommend Google’s mail services over theirs, I’m not going back. Round Cube wasn’t even supported last time I checked, and I doubt that the situation will have gotten any better.