Google Mail Hosting and IT administrator

I’m new to this and still trying to sort this all out. When I create a sub-domain, I select the option to use google for my email. When I go to goodle to add users, it tells me:

Hello, mark Miller. Welcome to Google Apps.

To start using your services, just click on the links to the right. Easily share and collaborate with others in your organization by using Google Apps.

  • Your IT administrator is managing user accounts. To invite additional users to Google Apps, please contact your IT administrator.

I thought I was the IT administrator, but it doesn’t seem so. I sent an email to asking them to help me understand, but haven’t heard back from them. They’re probably off doing evil and buying suits.

Anyway, can anyone here tell me what the deal is with the IT administrator stuff?



You are the IT administrator. In Manage Email in the DreamHost panel, your subdomain should be listed as being hosted by Google Apps with a note to click on your subdomain name to manage it over at Google.


This problem seems to have cropped up again. I am getting the same error now. I can log in to the control panel but cannot control email.

Instead there is the message:
Your IT administrator is managing user accounts

That is using the link from the DH control panel.

Any thoughts on how to resolve this? I’d like to add another mailbox to