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I’ve been having a very strange problem with google site listing. Sometimes the site is listed, and other times it is not. Any ideas what might be causing this to occur? eg is it likely to be the site’s code, googles search bot, an issue with dreamhost etc




it could be one of many things.

This thread discusses ways Google indexes:

make sure you are using meta tags to describe your site. Also, the more complient it is, the easier it will be for google’s robots to crawl it.

if it uses a lot of images (rollovers) for navigation, for example, make sure you use alt tags that describe the links.


Thanks for the link, it was interesting to look over. The main problem is that the site details appear sometimes in google (with site descriptions) and other times only the site name appears.

Searching on the site name or certain keywords from the site often result in only one listing (ie no other sites appear under the site search). eg (“coffee uno” concourse)

Link is (basically a test site at the moment). I seem to recall putting in various meta tags and ensuring these reflected the actual text and have requested that google crawl the site for listing. The DH stats show that the site has been googled to on a few occaisions. But most of the time it seems “invisible”.


I just checked google just now and it fails, but is listed on yahoo.

This may be a really stooooopid question but could this be anything to do with dh maintenance being carried out at certain times of the day? A silly sounding question but here in Scotland we are 4000 miles away in another time zone…

yes that is a really stupid question but i’m curious!!!


Well, putting “concourseuk” in google brings your site up at number one, so it is crawling it.

I am wondering if your description has too many “keywords” in it for google’s liking?


[/quote] Is the site linked from other sites? Get some folks to cross link to you to boost your standing. Google is mysterious...


I heard a couple of things.

  1. if the meta tag has too many keywords, it will appear to google to be spam website.
  2. The meta tags are obsolete as far as google is concerned, because of the over use of the keywords.
    Once you are listed with google, you will be crawled, not sure how often, maybe once a month. However having other websites linked to your website will help in how often your site is crawled and the ranking it will get.
    Other than that, google is still quite mysterious to me.


A listing appearing and dissapearing from Google is what I like to call the “Google Dance”, if the site is relatively new it will tend to move around a lot in the listings, over time things will stabilise as the final ranking is achieved.

Things to improve ranking, backlinks to your site from other sites that are relative to your own help a lot. Also optimise the pages on your site for specific keywords, many pages optimised for a few keywords is better than a single page using many keywords.

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Thanks for replys. They are very much appreciated.

The “google dance” pretty much sums up what was happening.

With regards to the other comments about keywords, I shall make some changes this weekend (albeit the keywords do actually appear in the text of the site).

The site now seems to be consistently listed.

Many thanks




Fear not, I have the explanation. I originally thought this issue was a Firefox vs IE problem (getting different results for the same search), however further research indicated that it simply this:

Google has many clusters of databases/indexes. The different indexes aren’t always perfectly in sync. So one search may use the latest database in San Francisco, and the next search your result is returned from L.A. So San Fran and LA’s don’t necessarily have in sync indexes.

See this pic where I searched for my name twice in two different windows: