Google Hosting and FTP


A complete newbie question. Please bear with me. I have successfully managed to host a domain name under Google Apps according to my account information. The next step is confirming my domain. To do that I need to upload an HTML file. I tried using the Dreamhost FTP interface and Filezilla but have no idea what my host/login/password or host/username/password are. The Dreamhost help wiki says to check the registration email but none of that information was sent. I looked through my account and could not find it either. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


Hi. Have you

(1) created a user at

(2) hosted the domain name at

using the user which you created in (1)?

(This is a separate operation from registering the domain name, which you would have done already).

These steps will have given you the hostname+username+password+directoryname which you will need for FTP.



My account gives me this message regarding adding a user…
Oops! You can’t add any more users to this Account unless you add another hosting plan!

However my registered domain is hosted on Google according to the account information. I would like to know how to access it so I can upload via the FTP client.


It sounds like your account with DH is minimal, i.e. it allows domain registrations but provides no hosting.

That would be fine, if DH allowed a registration-only account to edit the DNS zone files for domains that it has registered.

There has been conflicting advice about whether DH provides this service.

The wiki suggests yes ( “Note that it is possible to use the DNS Only hosting service in our system without an active hosting plan, however this only works for domains that are registered in our system”, but more than one thread here has said no.

The wiki could be wrong, or at least confusingly written.

Anyway, if DH doesn’t provide this, and if this is what you want to do, then you could transfer your registration to another registrar that does allow DNS edits for registration-only accounts. You might have to pay $12 instead of $10 for a registration.

(Then, to validate with google, you would choose one of their alternative validation methods which do not involve uploading an HTML file, but which involve editing the DNS instead.)