Google hosted?

Hi I’ve registered a web domain and have hosting with dreamhost.

The problem is my web domain is hosted with google. Now what does that mean? I want my registered domain to refer to my ftp files if you know what i mean but now my website has disappeared off the face of the earth and I can’t get it back. T_T

I had it working a week back. Any way I can reverse / fix this?

Your website appears to work fine, the nameservers for the domain are also pointed to dreamhost.

My guess is that you made nameserver changes to the domain and expected instant joy. Anytime a DNS change occurs you can expect a delay that may be as short as minutes, or as long as 4-24 hours while DNS propagates across the internet.

I got my friend to look at it, he fixed it in 10 seconds. I apparently didn’t see the button where you can change it back. I feel silly.