Google email setup - how to get in?



I’m trying to get a new site set up with Dreamhost, and last night before I went to sleep I sent email to support, but so far no reply.

In the second email I got from Dreamhost [to say my site was ready] it said: “You will manage all aspects of your email via Google:” then supplies a link to click on. But when I click on that link, Google asks for a password - and I’ve tried both passwords Dreamhost has given me, [the FTP one and the Control Panel one] and neither worked.

If I clink on the link below the password input box on the google page that says “I cannot access my account” it takes me to a page which just says “contact your domain administrator”…

Would that be Dreamhost, or Google?

The wiki doesn’t mention Google at all in the “getting started” or the “email setup” sections.


You need to take care of all of that on the Google end. If you follow the link, you’ll have to create an account at Google Apps for your domain. Your DreamHost username and password won’t work.

Google Apps via DreamHost is pretty new, so I’m not surprised that the wiki doesn’t much cover it.



Hi Scott,
thanks again for reply :slight_smile:

My trouble is, Google won’t let me in, at all. Right away when I clicked on the link in the Dreamhost email, it asked me for a username and password. I’ve got no idea which username or password to use. The link that says “I cannot access my account” is no help at all, like I said - here is the complete text on the resulting page:

Forgot your username or password?

Please contact your domain administrator to help you access your username or reset your password.

©2008 Google-Privacy Policy-Terms of Service


When I go to the panel here for a Google hosted domain, it gives me a link like this:

As I recall, the instructions say that you should have already set up your domain over at Google Apps. Head over here to create that account for your domain:

Once that’s done, then you will have a username and password to use.