and then google ‘[one of its competitors] SUCK’ and see the difference. This place really is a joke. Ignore the cheerleaders looking to maximize their referral dollars.


Thanks for that. Please call again soon.

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Please get a life. Cheers.


I thought it would be interesting to do a comparison between the counts of vs sucks. Now, I’m not ascribing any statistical significance to my methods nor to the relevance of the statistic itself, but here are my semi-anonymized results:

base sucks ratio dreamhost 4,600,000 75000 1.6% <host1> 1,100,000 33000 3.0% <host2> 2,000,000 17000 0.9% <host3> 8,900,000 103000 1.2% <host4> 1,600,000 36000 2.3% 18,200,000 264000 1.5%
BTW, for the record and just in case this post might actually have been appropriate in “A forum for potential DreamHost customers to ask current customers about their likes, dislikes, and general impressions with the service.”, I don’t recommend using this method for selecting a new web host.

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Just for kicks…

Google search

“dreamhost sucks”: 3700
"[host1] sucks": 653
"[host2] sucks": 68
"[host3] sucks": 2
"[host4] sucks": 6860
"[host5] sucks": 0


1 and 1 sucks - 2,920,000
network solutions sucks - 140,000
godaddy sucks - 86,600

dreamhost rocks - 469,000

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BTW, it is my assertion that the ratio of base references to “sucks” pages is normalizes popular vs. obscure web hosts. “obscurewebhostthatnooneknowsabout sucks” will obviously have few to no hits, while gdddy will have the most.

I think Dreamhost does well in this googlefight despite recent googlebomb-like campaigns that increase the number references to the phrase - for instance by registering domain names with the phrase, for instance. :slight_smile: It is my belief that such systematic bias can be alleviated a bit by not using the literal phrase but rather just the two search terms. This technique can obviously be argued.

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I am not so sure that Google is very accurate.

The entry ‘Dreamhost does not suck’ would be included in the same count as ‘Dreamhost does suck’.

90% of the Google Dreamhost entries could be positive sucks!

Google ‘pipe cleaner suck’ and you get 503,000. Can people really hate pipe cleaners that much.

Google ‘vacuum cleaner suck’ only gets 259,000. You would have expected something that really does suck to get more sucks.

Heaven only knows why Google ‘Mother Theresa suck’ gets 170,000 entries unless you just cannot satisfy everybody.

Google ‘norm1037 suck’ managed 4! Perhaps I would be a great hosting company.


Opinions are my own views, not DreamHosts’.
I am NOT a DreamHost employee OK! :@

Act on my advice at your own risk!


Better than Lensman hosting, apparently. And you’re up to 5 now, thanks to your self-promotion, if you’d call it that.



Those numbers are meaningless, pls!!!

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The original poster does not appear to be a customer. Perhaps he would like to offer the name of his domain? I myself am really angry at “Yoku Moku” a brand of japanese cookies that I have never tried.

[mad face]


Get a life from the guy hopping on a Forum for customers who seem satisfied with their host (I would assume at least as they are still here) to say that it sucks… This is much the equivalent of going to a Ford dealership and screaming “FORDS SUCK” but at least in that situation the person usually follows it with “BUY A CHEVEY” so we know where their preference lies. You don’t even give the name of the host you think is so amazing by comparison.

It “sucks” at times that some Dreamhost services are down (which would get a hit for “Dreamhost sucks”) but that doesn’t mean the company sucks. I still recommend Dreamhost to all my friends.


Lord Eirias Said :
“I still recommend Dreamhost to all my friends.”

true…i recommend it too to all of my friends, its just that people don’t actually see how much they pay!..they want to get everythin for as little as possible! so stop all the crap about dream host sucks…type tarek sucks on google…you get 10…that means that its only 10 people which say i suck…ain’t I loved by the people!..get a life!


There’s a difference between googling “dreamhost sucks” within quotes versus dreamhost sucks without quotes.


omg…someone have to ban that lifeless poster!

get a life dude!


dreamhost sucks without quotes - 51,600
dreamhost sucks with quotes - 51,400

It seems you are right!

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So I’ve managed to normalize out the effects of certain websites designed to drive up the phrase references. As it turns out, links to that site represented 80% of the references, a pretty remarkable number.

I’m pretty sure the OP is a man with an agenda who is simply looking for data to back up a claim rather than a reasonable (and reasoning) person who is willing to look at data objectively.

Again, I don’t endorse this method of choosing a web host because it’s pretty unscientific and very subject to manipulation. I have 7 or 11,400 references depending on who you’re asking. :slight_smile:

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He made it his life goal to dis DH to everyone. Funny stuff :slight_smile:

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I don’t think the total results of google search is fair.

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Hahaha. Enough said.