Google blocked!

my site has fallen out of the google serps. i thought maybe my site was banned due to some bot spam.

but then i looked and found that a .htaccess file was in my root directory to block google!

i wasn’t notified!

order allow,deny deny from 66.249 allow from all

dreamhost i hope this is not your policy of blocking major search engines without notification.

i also found this on another site. thanks DH. now i have to look over all my sites.

I highly doubt it was put there by DreamHost. I only have three theories:

  1. You installed software on your website that added this.
  2. Someone hacked in and added it.
  3. You did something else that may have done this.

What’s the timestamp on the file?


I stand corrected:


before i posted i searched and found DH has done this in the past.

they are supposed to let us know if this is done!

I’d expect that there’d be an entry in your Support History in the Panel that’s a copy of the mail they send out when they do this. Does anything show up in yours?

And what was the timestamp on the .htaccess file?


there’s no entry. i deleted the files without looking at the date. but i know it was done weeks ago.

Then it’s time to contact support to:
a) Yell at them for not letting you know there was a problem
b) Help track down the problem


i will scott. thanks for the input.

and to all others if you see your PR blank out and you drop from google look for this problem first.