Google aps- what's up with that?


Last night I changed so that I am using google aps (actually, I thought I was just changing the mail to use gmail instead of squirrel) and today when I try to enter “” they send me to instead! What is up with this? How do I fix this? I can’t even enter my ftp account anymore. ssh isn’t working either. I’ve now uncecked all that has anything to do with google or gmail in the panel but still I don’t get to my home page and can not enter my ftp/ssh account! However, I am able to get in trough WebFTP so I suppose they have changed something (because I have the data bookmarked so I am sure that I am not entering wrong stuff).

I need help ASAP!

No more google aps for me. I don’t see the point with that “functionality”…



I sounds like you hit “one too many” checkboxes …ONE of those boxes was for your “hosting” (you could have chosen just the apps).

Head back to the panel and fix it in the Manage Domains screens (hit the “edit” button under the Web Hosting column) :wink:




I did fix that because it earlier said “hosted google” (or something like that and it now says “Fully Hosted / User: username” (username being switch for the real name). I noticed that you can remove google aps in the google account and this was what I did. Now when I try to enter my site a get a Server Not Found error.
This is the way it looks right now:


Well, since you aren’t sharing the domain, I can’t check DNS, but you are probably in the “wait for DNS to update” stage … but that is just a guess :wink: