Google Apps


I followed the instructions from Everything is working fine including CNAME and MX changes. My problems stem when I’m trying to “Add another mail account / Get mail from other accunts” under Gmail settings. This is supposed to allow for old email to be retrieved from DreamHost to Gmail.

domain: quadrantONE
email server: blingy

I really just need to Pop from DreamHost email servers to Gmail the current files and folders one time for each user. Is this possible? Are there 3rd party apps I could use? Is it possible without signing up for Google Apps Premier?



do you have your email on DH with a diferent domain then on Google?
If u dont, when u try to access an pop account, google is seeing it self and not DH.
If that is the case, then you need to access your shell and upload email via imap.

OR you can ask support to migrate your DH email to some subdomain on your account, and POP it out with google.

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