Google apps verification


Hello! I am completely new to all of this so please excuse possible ignorance in my questions.

I am trying to verify my domain with google apps so that i can use gmail. Google tells me to:

  1. Download an HTML verification file
  2. Upload the file to my website
  3. Confirm successful upload my visiting another site they give.
  4. Verify by clicking their link.

I got step 1. Step 2 was a bit trickier since I am not sure I am accessing my site. I am logged in at, and have clicked on the file with my domain name. Here, I have uploaded the google apps file (step 2). When I go to do step 3, the link google gives me doesn’t open.

I am not sure where the problem is exactly. A) Did I upload the file to the right place event? B) Is there a problem with the google apps link?

Any tips would be great - thank you!