Google apps ruined my site! help


Hi there. I’ve somehow enabled google apps on and I can’t access my ftp, let alone view my website from Not sure how to remove the crap, can someone please help?


That sucks! Have you tried going in the Control Panel to Manage Domains, clicking the “Edit” link under the “Hosting” column, unchecking the Google apps checkbox, and submitting the form?

Once DNS updates (again) that should fix it, I belileve.



Thanks mate, that worked. Now I get

“Server Not Found
Error 404”

On my page. And my FTP is still “waiting for welcome message”


The main site shows, but your forum is MIA. At least something is working.



I have the same problem trying to use GMAIL.
It stopped me finding my URL.
See my post

I went into the domain manager, corrected it on the Saturday and on the monday without touching anything it default to GMAIL.
I am still waiting for the DReamhost serve or GMAIL to refresh.
I can’t test my Dreamweaver work because it upload OK but ALL my sites have been changed to GOOGLE.

I hope an inprovement is taking place.