Google Apps — Resolving MX Records

I’m trying to recover an issue wherein I had a primary and an alias domain on Google Apps, but I needed to swap the two: (current primary) and (current alias). (That is, I want to be the primary.)

I had to remove the alias and set it up as a new domain, so that way I can change the primary once its set up. I verified that I own the domain, then said I have the MX records set up, but now it’s endlessly stateing: “MX records setup validation in progress…”

I used the CheckMX and found an issue with the txt record (“v=spf1 ~all”). So I added the record, but this didn’t seem to fix it. I decided to try refreshing my DNS records from the panel, waited some hours, and found this error.

This is meant some emails have been down for about 24 hours now, so I’m trying to resolve this as quickly as possible. But I can’t seem to get Google Apps to acknowledge the MX records are in place. Any help I can get on this is greatly appreciated!