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Ok. Dumb question here. I signed up to use Google Apps email for my domain which is hosted with DreamHost. Will my Google Apps account for this domain still work if I was to not renew my domain with DreamHost? Ie is the google apps account a separate arrangement with Google which will continue regardless of who hosts my domain? At this stage I don’t plan to move away from DreamHost, but just curious to know. Thanks!

It is separate, but you need the cooperation of your DNS server to point your domain to the right place at Google.


I am just now looking to configure email on my new domain and see Google is currently how it’s set up. That’ is fine (may want to compare dreamhost features though), my question is where do I find the username/password that is default for Google admin? I have cp panel login, ftp logins, joomla logins, not sure if any of these @mydomain are it.

I think I answered my own question when using Google reset password option…not thinking clearly at the moment!

You have tried to access a domain that has no administrator account. To complete your sign-up for Google Apps, you will need to click on the set-up URL provided in your confirmation email. If you would like us to re-send the confirmation email, click here.

Ok thanks Scott.

My question should have been:

What happens to my Google Apps account if I leave my domain registered with DreamHost but I no longer have a hosting plan with DreamHost?

I assume the answer is the same that you gave last time ie. Google Apps MX and CNAME records will need to be configured at another host as Google Apps will not work via DreamHost if I no longer purchase a hosting plan with DH?


Correct. As soon as you lose your hosting plan, you lose DNS, which is what you need to direct your domain to Google Apps.


Thanks for the info Scott :slight_smile:

I’ve decided not to renew my hosting plan as I no longer need a fully hosted solution. I have renewed my domain registration with DreamHost though.

I have added the same CNAME and MX records for Google Apps as they appear in my DreamHost account at another DNS host and I have also pointed the authoritative nameserver for my domain to the other DNS host.

  1. Is there anything else I need to do so that my Google Apps account still works?

  2. Should I now go in to Custom MX/Gmail settings and remove the ‘’ entry here at DreamHost?

My Apps account is still working, but I assume it’s still picking up the DreamHost settings and not those from the other host.

  1. I notice that the Non-editable DreamHost DNS records for my domain haven’t changed since I updated the nameserver to my other host 9 hours ago. Should these non-editable records update with the new nameserver names at some stage?


DNS and Registration are pretty independent. Registration (WHOIS) tells you which DNS to use, but your Hosting controls what’s in the DNS.

WHOIS has no idea what’s in that DNS, and vice-versa, which is kinda nice since you can set up new hosting here before you make the DNS switchover.


So would you please confirm that the statement found in the link below about Dreamhost is not true? I’m a happy dreamhost customer, but I want to be sure that my Google Apps e-mail address and account can be used, even if I choose to move on. I’ll not be able to sleep after reading it.

This is the link to the page:

And this is the entry that almost caused me a heart attack:

" I just recently converted to Google Apps. Luckily I have a separate domain registrar (always do this), otherwise I’d foresee tons of problems when I need to migrate out.

Before migrating to Google Apps, I was actually in the process of migrating out of Dreamhost to Slicehost. And I realized that Dreamhost has struck a deal with Google Apps that all your domains can only be registered thru them. In other words, if you accidentally close your Dreamhost account, you wouldn’t be able to register for Google Apps in the future. Google Apps will detect that your domain is/was hosted on Dreamhost and refuse to let you register independently.

Damn Google is getting evil!
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