Google Apps pre-sales question

I am curious about the Google Apps edition that DreamHost uses. It looks like its features may be the same as the free edition. If there are any differences, could someone list them here? I am wondering specifically whether gmail shows ads.


I believe it’s the case that you get whatever version of Google Apps you choose to sign up for on the Google Apps site. What Dreamhost does is “automate” the setup of DNS for the appropriate Google Apps subdomains and email.

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In other words, Dreamhost just shunts you over to Google. The apps are hosted at Google and are the same ones everybody else use.


Thanks for the superquick reply. I just signed up with DreamHost to give it a go. I don’t remember choosing the version of Google Apps at the initial setup, so I think it automatically set me up with the Standard version. After poking around in the administration panel, it does allow me to upgrade to Premium at the same price as everyone else.

I just signed up for DreamHost and that’s exactly what it did. So I’ll try it out and see if Google Apps meets my needs.

Yes, it is set to default.

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