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I switched mail hosting to Google Apps and Gmail for one of my DH hosted domains. There’s only one email address here, so I used this for a test. I created an ADMIN user at Google apps for this domain and thereby set up automatically an email account with the same as I had at Dreamhost.

But I’m not sure what happens from here. I log into the Gmail / Google Apps webmail interface and I simply have one email - from google welcoming me.

I still have several hundred emails in my DH hosted mail account and they are sitting in my inbox on my Mac in (IMAP email client). How in the world am I going to sync the email that was on the DH servers hosted with the new same-named Gmail hosted mail account?

Am I missing something or have I just lost all my mail from the DH servers?

I don’t see how you can rescue that DH mail. Gmail and DH mail systems are not connected that way.

Nope! You can still get at your email messages! From the DreamHost wiki:

[quote] What happened to all my e-mail messages?!

Your old e-mail is still on our servers, actually! Switching to GMail for your domain does not automatically migrate your e-mail messages in to their system. You have a few options for how to access and even import your old messages to your new GMail account.[/quote]
Read the rest of the article to learn more! :slight_smile:

–DreamHost Tech Support

okay. i see that in that tutorial it discusses using POP to get the mail from DH servers over to the Gmail account; or using a Windows only uploader (also pop and I’m on a Mac) but no discussion of IMAP.

But I think I might have a long arduous workaround that I won’t go into, but I have another question:

Configuring my email account

All the google documentation discusses setting up IMAP email accounts for GMAIL not necessarily hosted domains.


but not for

I’ve tried it using and the same for smtp but I’m timing out and not connecting.

I’ve tried using GMAIL support and discussions but no luck.


Just use and, and make sure to use your full email address ( as your username for connecting to these servers.

thanks… but perhaps equally important and hardly documented ANYWHERE, is the requirement to use SSL and incoming mail on port #993. This is the only way this works for me. But alas, it’s working.



There is a tool called “imapsync” out there which does what the title suggests, it syncs from one server to another. A Mac version is available here:

Another option is to use Thunderbird. Add you server data for the old DH mail account and add a second account to Thunderbird with you GMail Details. You can then go to the folders on the DH server, select the mails, Ctrl+Click and “Copy to” and then select the folder on the GMail server where you want your mails copied two.

I have used both options on my Mac before, in fact I successfully moved to Google Apps just last week and transfered around 1000 mails over.


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excellent ! Thanks for the tip! Actually what I finally did, though time consuming, was move the mail from the old DH account using to an alternate DH Imap account I had but hardly used (mail). Then got Gmail working and simply dragged the mail back to the new converted Gmail IMAP account. Took a few times as some errors were detected, but 1204 emails were transferred.

I’m going to look into that utility, thanks for the tip as i’m sure it will be easier for my other users to use this.