Google Apps Mail Not Receiving From External Domain



I set up google apps as the email provider for one of my domains and after adding some users realised they could send mail to each other but not receive it from addresses at any other domain than mine.

I checked the MX records were set up correctly (they were, and had been fro more than 48 hours), and asked Dreamhost support who weren’t interested as I was using google.

The fix was to go to Manage Domains > Refresh. I was then able to use the accounts fully. Hope this helps someone!


Hi danhalliday,

Where can I locate the Manage Domain > Refresh menu?


That’s not quite clear information.

“Manage domains” can be found under “domains” in the panel, or click this link

From there, find the domain that you are interesting in refreshing and click the “DNS” link just under the domain name. At the top of the page that loads you will find the DNS refresh feature and the actual button is labeled “go”.